When I think about who my greatest motivator has been, I would have to dedicate that title to my mother. Growing up, I watched her work diligently and hard as an educator until she finally retired after 35 years.

Her commitment and love for her students along with her perseverance inspired me on many levels. Throughout my career I have assisted students in their pursuit of happiness and success as a counselor, assistant principal, and even an adjunct professor.

Now, I am the creator and founder of the innovative and effective College Prep Masterclass course.

I was compelled to design and implement my College Prep course once I realized there was a real need in our industry for students to receive thorough guidance on the intricacies of starting college.

This realization came while reflecting on my personal struggles in college as well as seeing some of my students stumble on their own academic journeys.

Personally, I had a hard time in college nailing down a career path. In fact, I changed my major three times! In addition, I had never been taught effective note taking or study skills.

At the time I did the best I could, but I wonder if I could have done better if I had possessed those essential abilities.


I had no base knowledge about financial literacy or money management. At the time, I knew nothing about applying for scholarships and I am still paying back school loans to this day.

Credit cards were thrown at me and, without the proper education on how to use those cards, you can imagine what happened. My detailed and user-friendly College Prep Masterclass course covers all these topics and more!

There are five modules within College Prep that include essential information about Financial Aid, Scholarships, Determining a Career Path, Effective Study Habits, and Financial Literacy. Conveniently, they are cohesively ordered by how those topics will most likely be approached by a student freshly attending college.

College Prep Masterclass is five weeks including interesting and informative weekly live sessions through Zoom. Not only will students receive the valuable information within the modules, but they will also have the ability to meet with me live so I may answer their questions and clarify any of the content.

Attending college can open so many doors and opportunities for us. However, not knowing some of the essentials about getting started can be detrimental to our efforts and academic journeys.

I’m proud and excited to offer my expertise as the subject so future students can learn from my past mishaps and lessons to build a seamless and better future for themselves!


I have a commitment to providing a superior educational product, giving exemplary service, and sharing my life experience in such a way that I can impact young people’s lives in a positive way.

Integrity and Ethics

I will always treat my clients in an honest manner, strive to give them the most value for their investment, and have high expectations for all my students.

Community and Diversity

I value the strength of our community that comes from each individual member of society, and welcome the diversity and uniqueness of each student and their family as we work towards our common goals.
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